One morning, I was sat at my desk in the office when the phone rang. “RLS Computer Services, how can we help you?” I said, with that a lady responded that she was from a “Microsoft” company that had detected a problem with my computer. What followed was a conversation that just made me laugh and angry at the same time.

What you are about to hear is a telephone recording of that conversation.

We recorded it to show people the tricks and techniques these people use to manipulate users to “Thinking” their PC is infected or faulty by showing them technical information on your PC that would scare you in believing that your PC is indeed faulty or infected with a virus.


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End of Support for XP, SBS 2003 & Office 2003

Is your business still using Windows XP, Small Business Server (SBS) 2003, or Office 2003?

Microsoft is officially dropping support for all of these next month (April 8, 2014). So is your business or indeed home prepared for the possible security and software issues, and potential for downtime this will bring?

“Oh Great, How much is it going to cost me?…”

We always get asked this question however, not as much as you think. There are simple upgrade paths or new solutions that we can install that can get you Working Smarter and save you time and money that doesn’t always mean buying new server hardware and software licensing. We can also GUARANTEE you a quick and easy migration from your old system to a new one.


The answer is simple, move some of your infracstructure to the “Cloud”. As an example we can move your legacy Exchange 2003 Server into the cloud and provide Managed Hosted Exchange as an alternative to a new server. We also can provide new computers that are energy efficient lowering the cost to run them and are cost effective.

To learn more or arrange a evaluation of your IT, please contact Rob Lucas on 01553 776937 or email info@rlscomputers.co.uk

Please review Microsoft’s Windows XP end of support information

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