IT Engineer (Contractor) South East England

Job Title:    IT Engineer (Contractor)

Location:    King’s Lynn, Norfolk, South East Area

Hours:        Starting 4th May – 29th May (split shift Sunday – Thursday)

Salary:        £350 per week

Work Pattern:    Days, Nights, and Weekends (as required)

Employer:    RLS Computer Services Ltd.

Closing Date:    29/04/2015

Pension:    NA

Duration    P/T, Casual


IT Engineer required to provide on-site installation work throughout the South East area. The job involves swapping out computers and migrating data for a large retail supermarket outlet. Previous IT experience is preferred but not essential as training will be given, however applicant must be educated to an appropriate standard (MSCE, CompTia, or Nat Dip appropriate). Duties will include the ability to diagnose and solve simple problems with hardware and software issues, collection and drop off of new equipment from a central site would be likely, providing a clean installation and providing support next day after the installation is completed, reporting back to central depot. Must be able to work own initiative and provide professional standards appropriately both on a management as well on a client level.



  • Visit business client to implement installations
  • Collect stock from a secure central depot
  • Effect a clean installation with testing
  • Provide support next day after swap over
  • Report job completion back to central management team
  • Collect and dispose of old units back at central depot


Working Conditions:

  • Multiple sites based throughout the South East of England
  • Overnight stay possible at some sites (overnight expense paid)
  • Training will be provided as well as tools.
  • Must drive and be able to use own vehicle (fuel allowance provided)


Personal Skills:

  • A good team player but able to work on own initiative
  • A good communicator, confident and well presented individual
  • Good listening skills and the ability to work with sensitive matters
  • Ability to work to deadlines and targets
  • Excellent English in both written and orally
  • Excellent presentation skills


Through appropriate recruitment agency, responses to Rob Lucas 01553 776937 or email


Ref: NA

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Patch & Update Procedure


As part of our managed services we apply updates, upgrades, patches and maintenance to our clients devices on a specified date and time of the week. This is so we can keep to tight schedule on workloads and all devices are managed to the same level.

The task of updating a client’s device (computer, laptop, tablet or mobile) isn’t easy and we follow a strict timetable to make sure that nothing slips through the net, however we need our clients to adhere to the schedule for it to take place.

What Work Do We Carry Out?

Although the work can vary from client to client the majority have these mandatory processes implemented.

Software Patching & Updates

  • Windows Updates (Critical & Important)
  • Windows Service Packs (if applicable)
  • Microsoft Office Service Packs (if applicable)
  • Java Update
  • Adobe Flash Update
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader Update
  • Adobe Shockwave Update
  • Google Chrome


  • Virus Scan & Removal
  • System Clean Up
  • Empty Bin & Temporary Files

When Do You Carry It Out?

We carry out the work overnight as to not disturb your working day, however sometimes Windows devices may need to reboot the next day.

What Do I Need To Do?

  • Leave your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile switched on
  • Make sure your device is connected to the internet either via WIFI or LAN connection
  • If using a mobile device make sure it is plugged into the mains supply
  • If connected to a corporate network or server there is NO need to be logged in.

If you work from home then these updates can be done there as long as you have a fast Internet connection, just follow the procedure above.

How Will I Know It’s Completed?

If you don’t hear from us assume everything is alright, however in some cases we might need to access your device to complete a task (i.e. installing drivers for printers, graphics cards, IOS updates, etc.). In these cases we will make a separate arrangement to complete the work.

What Happens If I Miss The Deadline?

If you forget to leave your device on, don’t worry it will get completed either the next day or the next weekly cycle depending on the urgency of the update, patch or upgrade. However, we have no control over the time and cannot guarantee it won’t disrupt your working day.

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GWXconfigmanager Linked to Windows Patch

I received a call this morning in regards to a piece of software called GWX Config Manager attempting to access the Internet (Allow / Block). I personally hadn’t heard of this until today and thus thought it wise to apply some research on the matter.

To my absolute amazement it turns out that this is linked to a Microsoft Update (KB3035583) released 24/25th March 2015 (read more here, which is actually a Windows 10 ad / downloader that will probably produce pop-up messages to end users about upgrading to Windows 10. Microsoft are not confirming or denying or saying too much about the truth behind KB3035583 update however, many anti-virus websites and other bloggers have stated that GWX aka. Get Windows X (10) will sit dormant until Microsoft feel they are ready to release the “FREE” upgrade later this year (Summer 2015) and when they do, this clever application will download and install it AUTOMATICALLY – (Yikes!!!)

Description of KB3035583 Update

Description of KB3035583 Update

Further investigations have shown that on many anti-virus providers websites reports show that some if not all of the following files are being blocked / quarantined as they are seen as malicious files or PuPs (Potentially unwanted Programs).


This in turn will produce error messages as the update will not been classified as being installed correctly and you might get repeated prompts to download and install it.

What is Windows 10?

Windows 10 is the next release of Microsoft’s Operating System (OS) and is designed to produce a better user experience for Desktop, Laptop and Tablet users with a bunch of other cool stuff, the plan is to release it later in the year (2015).

Microsoft will offer a direct “FREE” upgrade for qualified Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Phone devices as long as you upgrade in the first year. You can read more here

What Does This Mean & What Should I Do?

Well that is up to you personally or your IT Administrator, IF this is all true and if you want to have Microsoft reminding you or your staff with banners and pop-ups about upgrading to Windows 10 and then automatically install it then let it be. However this WILL put a strain on your computer / network especially if you have several (or several 100) Windows devices. Also as we always advise as you have no idea what will happen to your computer(s) when they upgrade automatically (for example, will your software applications cease to work) our advice would be DON’T DO IT until you are happy that it won’t destroy your computer and worse still potentially loose your data.

for more help or advice about what to do about this issue you can contact support by emailing

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